Wednesday 29 October 2014

International Youth Social Service Day 2014

International Youth Social Service Day, celebrated on 6th September 2014, was an initiative by Action for Pune Development supporting United Nations My World 2015 , World We Want and I'm a City Changer Campaign.

Collaborating with different institutions,  Various activities promoting various social causes like Traffic awareness, Cleanliness, Collecting food grains for under privileged people, My World Survey and various other activities all around the world. Youths from different parts of the WORLD supported the cause. We received maximum support from Indian Youths reaching the target of 50 thousand young population.

 APD compliments your efforts to reach to young women and other marginalized groups of youth.

Ms. Shivani Pise, General Secretary, Action for Pune Development was the Convenor for the activity. 

The following Ambassadors were involved in International Youth Social Service Day: 

  • Ira Ghosh
  • Krinjal Lalwani
  • Nikhil Khanzode
  • Siya Khanse
  • Aakash Shah
  • Ishaa Pantsachiv
  • Sawani Khurjekar
  • Natasha Kanvinde
  • Tanvi Kanade
  • Priya Trivedi
  • Ritu Saykar
  • Shreya Inamdar
  • Akanksha Gund
  • Atharva Patwardhan
  • Pranav Damle
  • Aditya Pawar
  • Twisha Raja
  • Pratiksha Dhoka
  • J. Phaneendra
  • Atharva Bhat
  • Sangram Nikam
All the Ambassadors did an excellent Job, and were felicitated with their certificates at the 2nd Action for Pune Development Dinner Meet.

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