Saturday 16 May 2015

Road Safety Theme Drawing Competition

Action for Pune Development recently conducted a Drawing Competition on the theme Road Safety. This activity was conducted in collaboration with FedEx and Safe Kids Foundation at BVB school Pune.
The event was a grand success. 
 Around 100 kids were present who actively participated in the drawing competition. 
Students were divided into various Age groups like 5-7 , 8-10 and 11-14.
Prizes were awarded to participants from each group respectively.
Total Prizes worth Rs.4500/- were awarded. 
As a token of appreciation, the participants were provided with Food and Mineral Water Bottles. 
Entire Drawing Material for the competition was provided by Us.
A skit related to Road Safety was performed by Victorious International School. We reached over 32000 people with the campaign and thus maintained our title of being the "Strongest Supporter of Save Kids Lives" all over the World.

An Article by Sneh Phatak.

A Heart Touching Day

One of the best and overwhelming activities conducted so far by APD was the visit to Sofosh Orphanage. Sofosh is an orphanage which is a part of the SASOON hospital and BJ Medical College. There are children right from the age of 8 days old to 6 years old divided in 3 different age groups. The management staff, the caretakers, nurses and the whole orphanage is excellently well maintained. The children are well fed and properly managed with all the necessary facilities over there like play area, physiotherapy room, class room, dining area, etc.
All the APD members were looking forward for this activity eagerly. Our organization & a few members individually, decided to donate a few food products, grains, medicines and other basic necessities which Sofosh had requested for. The manager over there showed us around the whole place and let us plays with the kids which belonged to the age group of 10 months to 6 years of age. As we entered the hall where these children were kept, a majority of them came and hugged a few of us with a lot of love & affection. We spent almost two hours with playing with them and unknowingly we’d created an attachment towards them. Those kids were extremely friendly, loving and selfless about everything. Many of us ended up in tears when we were about to leave from there. We all decided to visit this place to meet these little angels often & a few of us did visit them again. 
In a nutshell, these kids made us feel lucky to have parents whom we need to value always & taught us to be happy in whatever situation you go through. It certainly was a very beautiful activity.


Written by Tanvi Kanade