Tuesday 30 January 2018

Monthly Birthday Activities

23rd September: A public speaking session was organised, wherein the girls
were divided into groups and made to speak on various topics, with the sole aim
of increasing their confidence level and improving their communication skills.

28th October: A special workshop based on Vedic maths and sudoku was
organised which helped in simplifying mathematical operations and increasing
speed in solving mathematical problems.

25th November: First-aid is a primary requirement and therefore a special
session was conducted by our member, who is a medical student, to teach the
girls about first-aid and basic survival hacks.

30th December: In this age of financial revolution and digitalisation, knowledge
about banking transactions is a necessity. Through this session we taught girls
to carry out basic banking transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers,
cheques, etc. Through a short interaction we also explained the importance of
saving money. This was an initiative towards making these young girls financially independent.

27th January 2018

"Manners, etiquettes, confident body language and effective communication are the key factors in shaping one's personality."

Thus, we dedicated this monthly session towards "personality development". The young girls were taught the basics of body language, formal & informal communication, dressing sense and table manners. The purpose of this session was to instil a sense of confidence among them, which will be highly beneficial for them at every stage in life.

Also, a special preparatory session was taken for the girls of 10th grade, in order to guide them for the upcoming board exams.