Wednesday 4 February 2015

APD's New Plan of Action

When it comes to community service and social development, the youth proves to be that section of the society which is contributory in improving the conditions of today, thereby securing a better tomorrow. Keeping this attribute in mind, we have collaborated with 11 schools for the academic year 2015-2016 and six major activities will be conducted such that students all around the city actively participate ,and understand the true meaning of "community service". Involvement of youngsters is the ultimate key for the development of the country. 

   The proposed projects are as follows:
  • Tree plantation drive : a step towards restoring environmental balance 
  • Paper bag making: an effort to replace plastic with an eco-friendly material.  
  • Collection of grains on the occasion of Youth Social Service day: to help the needy strata of the society 
  • Poster making competition : to promote road safety. 
  • Cleanliness drive: to emphasize the importance of cleanliness, and contribute towards cleaner surroundings 
  • Animal welfare : Helping Dog Care organizations to take care of abandoned and street dogs
  • Making basic necessities easily available for needy cancer patients.  
  • Fitness awareness: for a healthier lifestyle. 

-Bina Goklaney,

#SaveKidsLives Campaign

'Save Kids Lives' is a campaign started in support with the Third United Nation's Road Safety Week after observing that, EVERYDAY more than 500 children lose their lives in traffic crashes globally & THOUSANDS are injured. This campaign is a traffic awareness & a road safety campaign which has been carried out globally. In this campaign, the volunteers had to collect signatures from a number of children as well as the adults, after reading the declaration to show support for this venture. By signing the declaration, they are helping to:
  •  call for action to stop the growing number of road deaths worldwide.
  •  ask decision makers to save kids’ lives by putting road safety in place.
  •  support the movement for road safety led by children around the world.

 Mr.Aakash Shah being the Advocate for MY WORLD 2015 UN survey, started with this campaign in India as a UN representative. APD (Action For Pune Development) was a part of this campaign. 40 of our members went down on the streets, to various schools, to societies & to public places to get this declaration signed from a number of people. We were successful in collecting around 24,000 signatures till date & we're aspiring to get a lot more signatures in the next few days. Our members told each and every person who signed this declaration, the importance of road safety, how the children are affected in a large number & the cons of not following these basic traffic rules.
 This campaign helped us realize the importance of road safety too with the others. Hence we as the Youth, abide to follow each and every traffic rule & try to make others follow them too hereafter. Safety starts with "S" but begins with "YOU" :) 

Tanvi Kanade
Advocate, Save Kids Lives campaign.

Collaboration & Coordinating head, APD. 
Team #SaveKidsLives

The Activity was Collaborated and this article was drafted by Tanvi Kanade.

Distribution of Napkins and Socks for the Cops

Action for Pune Development was started with an aim to awaken the need for community service among youngsters.
Members of this organisation have been working in Pune city for the last two years. The activities included safety against road traffic,working for school children,donations in orphanages and old age homes and many more.
Last week, we conducted an activity for the traffic policemen in Pune. 
Traffic police always face hindrances while working and so we thought of helping them by doing a small gesture of distributing a pair of socks and napkins.
The policemen work for the entire day in the sun. This indirectly affects their personal hygiene.
 Hence to help them maintain their hygiene, we distributed napkins amongst them.
 Also we gave them a pair of socks thinking of the ongoing winter season.
The activity ended on a very good note. We got a very good response and the policemen were extremely happy to have received help from us.

All the members were also satisfied with the response.

The article has been written by Devyani Natu.

A Day with the Differently Abled.

On the 12th of December APD collaborated with Niwant Andha Mukt Vidyalay, A home for the blind. Niwant is run by Meera Badve, an excellent teacher and a great mentor.
The members went to the school and spoke to all the visually impared students and also helped them in various activities like chocolate making, printing and binding, teaching etc.
The students were kind enough to show us around their computer lab and their library. Also, we came to know about the various technologies that are used.
It was an amazing experience for all of us.
It made us realize how valuable eyesight is and how ambitious and hardworking the students are.

The event was co-ordinated and this article has been drafted by Priya Trivedi.