Monday 5 June 2017

A.P.D. Tree Plantation 2017

APD has maintained a legacy since Inception. Just like the past five consecutive years, this time too a tree plantation drive was conducted.

All of us complain about the increasing pollution and environmental problems in the city, but do we actually take some serious measures regarding it? Yes we understand that not all of us agree to use public transport or go out of the way to reduce pollution, but we all can plant one tree at least. Why not create more of what is going to be beneficial for us in the recent future instead of those detrimental industries!

Trees are a boon to the entire ecosphere. They detoxify impure air, add beauty to their surroundings, prevent soil erosion, serve as food to a lot of life on this planet and the list continues.

Thus, we at APD conducted a tree plantation drive on Monday, 5th June 2017. Around 20 members were ready with their gardening tools at Abhimanshree where this drive was conducted. 50 trees were planted this year which included a variety of plants like Hibiscus, Kamini, Bahama,Chrysanthemum , Pentus, Aboli and Tagar. Bahama and Hibiscus are used to treat many illnesses. Hibiscus has many other uses too. Aboli is used as an ornamental flower. Thus, all these plants were grown keeping such benefits in mind which could be used by the locals.

What makes APD unique is that these young enthusiasts divided themselves into teams which would later take care of the plants periodically. Planting trees is not where our work gets over. They need to be taken care of and need to be mentored.

Let's not restrict ourselves to conduct such activites to specific days only, but also by doing a bit every day and replenishing Mother Earth with all the beauty with which it was created.

Reported By
Alisha Jain - Editorial Team, A.P.D.