Saturday 8 April 2017

E-Banking Activity

In view of recent decisions of the Government, India is on the edge of a major financial revolution. As we're shifting from a cash-dependent to a cashless economy, certain fragments of the society are still unaware about the "digitally enabled transaction facilities for the transfer of funds". 
Thus, we conducted a drive on 28th January, across Pune city, through which we educated masses of vendors in various market places about:  E-wallets, Aadhar Enabled Payment System, USSD based Mobile Banking and Bank Cards. 
Our team interacted with the vendors in the local language, explaining every method in a simplified manner, as well as giving them a handout with the basic information about these options of digital transactions. The foremost aim was to make them understand that digital transactions are not complex and do not necessarily require a smart phone or internet connectivity. 

"We believe that the youth will act as engines of this transformational shift from a cash-dependant to a cashless economy. "