Monday 15 May 2017

Importance of Community Service for Kids

Action for Pune Development conducted an activity in Collaboration with Garware Bal-Bhavan Pune as a part of its community service endeavour.

The reason behind us taking this activity was to teach young children importance of community service as we want them to imbibe this value from the very beginning.

The activity was a three day session attended by approximately 70 children between ages 7-11.The topics we covered in these three sessions were Importance and Conservation of Environment, Road Safety and Money Saving.

Day One started with a brief  introduction about APD and our members, and then we further spoke to them about the importance of trees and played a small game which helped them to understand things better.

In the second session we explained to them about traffic safety and various traffic rules and used different pictures, poems and small acts to make things interesting to them. Then on the third day, we explained to  them about importance of saving money and played quizzes with them.

We concluded our sessions by telling them about community service and how it's beneficial for the society at large.

Overall the activity was an amazing learning experience not only for the children but also for us. The enthusiasm the children showed helped us build our energy and encouraged us to teach them to our best possible capacity also the children were immensely cooperative.

The feedback received was surely amazing and due to the activity's success we at A.P.D have decided to continue to work with young minds in future and help build a generation which is inclined towards community service.

Reported By
Divya Jain - Editorial Team, A.P.D.