Wednesday 4 February 2015

Distribution of Napkins and Socks for the Cops

Action for Pune Development was started with an aim to awaken the need for community service among youngsters.
Members of this organisation have been working in Pune city for the last two years. The activities included safety against road traffic,working for school children,donations in orphanages and old age homes and many more.
Last week, we conducted an activity for the traffic policemen in Pune. 
Traffic police always face hindrances while working and so we thought of helping them by doing a small gesture of distributing a pair of socks and napkins.
The policemen work for the entire day in the sun. This indirectly affects their personal hygiene.
 Hence to help them maintain their hygiene, we distributed napkins amongst them.
 Also we gave them a pair of socks thinking of the ongoing winter season.
The activity ended on a very good note. We got a very good response and the policemen were extremely happy to have received help from us.

All the members were also satisfied with the response.

The article has been written by Devyani Natu.