Project No.10: Computer Teaching Activity at MES Bhave High School

In the Month of October, Action for Pune Development Decided to do a different activity.
We Decide to educate the youth of our city, who could help us in development further.
After a survey in various schools in Pune, we noticed that many students have been repeatedly failing in the Subject- Computers.
Computers being a very important subject, is useful in every fields.
And hence, everyone should have basic knowledge of it.
With all planning and syllabus, we commenced the program on the first Saturday of October. This activity was conducted on every Saturday of the month of October.
The Event and Lectures were conducted by our Technical Head, Nikhil Khanzode.
The course included Lectures through Powerpoint Presentation and Practicals with 1:1 Ratio.
During the course, we taught them basic computer fundamentals and use of softwares like MS-Office, its applications etc.
We could see a considerable change in the knowledge of the kids, and each of our members enjoyed teaching them too.
Following are some photos of the Activity: