Project No.6: Distribution of Pamphlets at Pune-Mumbai Expressway with Rotary Club of Pune NIBM

Action for Pune Development, along with Rotary Club of Pune NIBM distributed 10000 pamphlets at the Mumbai Pune Expressway on Sunday, 12th August 2012, regarding Highway Safety Awareness.
This initiative was started by Rotary Club of Pune NIBM, and looking at this great work, APD decided to join hands with them, by providing them with 15 volunteers.
The following was published by Times of India regarding the activity:
" A traffic awareness campaign for safe driving on Mumbai-Pune expressway has been launched by the Rotary Club of Pune NIBM. The club has brought out a leaflet on safe driving on expressway''.
Starting August 12, the club will be distributing a total of 10,000 leaflets, printed both in English and Hindi, to the motorists. This is an unique project taken up by Rotary Club of Pune NIBM in view of the high accident rate on the Pune-Mumbai expressway'', said Satish Gujar, director public relations of the club. The traffic awareness campaign has been undertaken in association with a NGO Action for Pune Development'', which has been started by young students.
The leaflet includes precautions to be taken on expressway, and also a list of do's and don'ts. It draws the attention of the motorists with details on difference between a highway and a expressway. However, safety tips are applicable for both roads.
The leaflet says safety tips should be followed very seriously while driving on the expressway because vehicles are at higher speed on expressway than highway. It gives details about safe driving in lanes, safe overtaking, checking the condition of the tyres, use of seat belts, proper use of indicators, not overspeeding, and totally avoiding drunk driving. The tips also mention that drivers should not use mobile phones, and that they should take proper rest to avoid feeling sleepy. Late night driving should be avoided, the safety tips say."